"Tamnoon" was established in 1993 by Baruch Rainer the CEO and owner of the brand.
Tamnoon´s road began with a small store on Shlomtzion st. in Jerusalem, and slowly but
surely expanded into many stores across the whole of Israel.

Tamnoon´s main marketing vision was always to reach every home in Israel through
 fashionable casual items that fit a big range of customers, mainly young ones and
those who are young at heart. Tamnoon´s motto is "VALUE FOR MONEY" meaning
the best price for a product while maintaining a high quality. Who among us wouldn´t
like to look amazing with fashionable items and be surprised at the cash register…?

In the last few years the brand has expanded its product line to include items that cover
all the fashion needs of its consumers- women, men and children. In the face of increasing
competition in the fashion bushiness, from local and international brands, our company
offers great prices from the beginning of the season that are unmatched in the fashion industry.

As of today, the brand consists of 74 stores including new stores in G Kfar Saba, Big Nazareth,
Hadar mall in Talpiot Jerusalem and our biggest store yet in Givvat Shaul, Jerusalem.
The store´s design concept is to bring the urban look and feel into the store itself while
maintaining a big shopping space and a great shopping experience.

Most of Tamnoon´s stores are situated in malls and during the last few years the brand has
expanded to include stores in what is referred to as "POWER CENTERS", big shopping
spaces outside the big cities.
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